Goffert 369
Goffert 369 died on February 13, 2007.  He died from colic.   We send our condolences to his rider and trainer Belinda Narin Wertman and Mary Alice Malone and staff at Iron Spring Farm.
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Reitse x Cobus
Born: 1994, 1.68m (16.3hh) 
Owner: Iron Spring Farm
 EMail: Ironspring@CCIS.net
Foaled: June 14, 1994
Black, 16.3H
Registration #: 1994143361
Approved by Friesian Paardenstamboek Society

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Goffert 369 was born in 1994 and is an Approved Friesian stallion by Preferent stallion Reitse out of Nynke J. by Cobus. He completed his stallion test in 1997 and was imported to ISF in January of 2002. 
Goffert 369 was big, beautiful and talented and he brought an exciting new dimension to the world of dressage. He competed at Grand Prix with Belinda Nairn-Wertman until his death in 2007. 

During his dressage career Goffert achieved numerous Grand Prix scores over 60%. Highlights included 1st place in the Grand Prix Freestyle at the Kentucky Horse Park with a score of 74.1% and he placed 4th in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at Devon CDI-W with a score of 69.5% 
In 2006 Goffert was honored by being made the Breyer Friesian Horse of the Year with a new model sculpted in his image. His offspring are consistently recognized as suitable for dressage and in 2007, 15 were awarded 1st or 2nd premie by FHANA. 

Goffert is an approved FPS stallion and is approved on offspring. His in-breeding coefficient is 3.71 

Breeding Profile
Stallion Characteristics
Goffert was an exceptional athlete and proved beyond a doubt that Friesians can compete and win at the highest levels of dressage. Elegant and flashy, he turned the heads of judges and spectators alike. His offspring are athletic, well developed and beautiful. They are not the classic Friesian type and build, but once you see their gaits, you can see why he has been such an enormously popular breeding stallion.

Goffert's offspring use their front legs well and have exceptional movement. They have lots of carrying power in their trot and canter, have good characters and are willing to work for you. His legacy will be his contribution to furthering the sport horse type in the Friesian breed.

Offspring Characteristics
Beautiful, noble heads
Good head/neck connection
Long hamstrings
Average front leg length—not over or under
Good hock angle
Big feet
Tight legs
Very powerful walk
Excellent rhythm in the trot
Normal black coats
Good size

Allowed white = .4%
Non allowed white = 0%

Offspring Inspection notes
Goffert's descendants are nice horses with great willingness to work. They clearly improve during the evaluation. The use of the front leg is nice, but they could have more power in the hind legs. Goffert seems to produce mostly dressage horses.

Conclusion: Although the exterior of his descendants could be better, Goffert is passing on his movement more than sufficient. His offspring have the correct attitude to do well in the sport of dressage.

Approved on Offspring by FPS 
Region 1 I -2 Champion 2003 
1st Place GPFreestyle Kentucky Horse Park 74.1% 
9 Grand Prix scores over 60% in 2004 
2006 Breyer Friesian Horse of the Year 

Breeding Values (Ideal scores are in parentheses)
Red shows large deviation from ideal, 
Cyan shows moderate deviation from ideal,
Blue shows close to ideal

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Breedings per year:
1999: 150
2000: 61
2001: 41
2002: 7
2003: 10
2004: 17
2005: 36