About Importing

Have you ever wished you had a cousin  or close friend who lives in the Netherlands that could get you a great deal on a drop dead gorgeous Friesian at their cost?  Well that's just like what Legacy Friesians will enable for people who want to buy a Friesian from Holland. 

Legacy Friesians does NOT own the horses in Holland that we list (we do own the horses labeled "our horses in the USA").  We are given the photos, videos, and descriptions of each horse from our business partner in Holland.   Because we don't own these horses, the purchase contract is between you and our business partner.  We, as the agent, enable you to get a better price by going direct to our trusted seller in Holland, but we accept no liability as these horses are not owned by us.  You are welcome to go to Holland to try the wide selection of quality horses that our business partner has there.

If there is one thing people have confirmed in customer referrals over and over again is that I strive to match the right horse with the right person, and I really only want delighted customers so I will never try to sell a horse just for the sake of a sale.  So tell me exactly what you want and I will do my best to find an exact match!
Please look at our Customer References to hear from people who have bought horses sight unseen from us (Isabel, Hearke B., and more!) .  Many our customers have said that they would be more than happy to talk on the phone if you'd like to speak to any of them, let us know, and we will get contact info to you.  Also check out this independent website which rates Friesian businesses and look at our ratings!

We at Legacy Friesians have extensive experience with importing (we have imported over 100 Friesians in the last 4 years!) and we do make all the arrangements for our customers, so the import process is VERY easy...  We tell you the full price of the horse upfront- with NO extra fees!   Basically, you don't have to do ANYTHING different when importing a horse than when buying one from a breeder.  The only difference is that you arrange for the pickup at the quarantine center instead of the breeder....

When you have decided on a horse,  the first step is to complete a purchase contract.   Next, our dutch business partner will get your horse a  blood and a health certification in Holland and then an export certificate is issued.  Once that is complete, we schedule an arrival date into a USDA port of entry (your horse will be flown by cargo jet airline).

We HIGHLY recommend that you protect your investment by getting insurance.  We use Kay Cassell Insurance, and their number is 800-230-8384.
I get major medical and mortality/theft on my horses.  The premium is 2.9 percent of the value that you want to insure, so if you want to insure your horse for $10,000 it will cost $290, and then major medical would be $500, so the total would be $790 a year for a great deal of peace of mind.  Any Friesian should be insured with medical coverage, in my opinion!!! 

Your horse will arrive at one of the USDA Quarantine centers in the United States, either  New York or Los Angeles. At the USDA Quarantine center, additional testing is performed. On the 3rd calendar day after the arrival date in USDA Quarantine, your horse is released (example, if your horse arrives on a Wednesday, he is released on a Friday). If you import a gelding or a horse under two years old there is no additional quarantine required and you can take your horse home, or make arrangements to have him shipped to his new home. 

 If you import a mare or a stallion older than two, your horse is required to be put in additional quarantine for CEM testing...  We like to use Blue Diamond Stables in Ohio for CEM for mares (14 day CEM is required for mares over the age of 2).  www.bluediamondstables.com

If you buy a Friesian, it is VERY important that you join FHANA right away, if you want to get the horse into your name and receive the official FPS paper!!!!  Your horse will come with a PASSPORT, which is a record of all their vaccinations and it also specifies their pedigree and chip #.  We will give you the original registration paper as well.

Some good shippers in the NW to use that will give you a free quote are:

Coombes Enterprises, LLC
8605 Steamboat Island Rd 
Olympia, WA 98502 
360-866-6350; Fax 360-866-4830 
Specializing in Show Horse Transportation

American Horse Transport- 800-991-9770

Hillside Farms - James Shaw, 831-809-9029.  James runs up and down the west coast a lot but will go anywhere and is very highly reccommended

 Equine Limo: www.equinelimo.com  (they also have a CEM quarantine center in Stayton, OR)

Equine Express: 800-545-9098 

Prestige Horse Transport: www.prestigehorsetransportation.com

Nation-Wide Horse Transportation, Inc.
P.O. Box 5368
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Telephone: (719) 392-1888